Learn the secrets of Blue Water Hunting & Freediving

This new edition will make you an elite Blue Water Hunter in no time!

Blue Water Hunting & Freediving is jam packed with a lifetime of helpful information, tips and techniques on freediving and spearfishing major gamefish such as  • Yellowfin tuna  • Bluefin tuna  • Dogtooth tuna  • Marlin  • Sailfish  • Large Mackerel  • Wahoo (ono)  • Great trevally (ulua)  • Dolphin fish (dorado, mahi mahi)  • Yellowtail (kingfish)  • White seabass  • Striped bass


Also covered in this action packed book are vital subjects such as:

• Sharks

• Physiology and the Bluewater Hunter

• Spearguns and freediving gear

• Survival in the bluewater environment

• Ethics, conservation and public relations

• Bluewater Photography

• Reference bearings

• Currents

• World record rules


Follow Terry and a host of highly experienced freedivers, as you immerse yourself into these action packed stories and videos in the world of Blue Water Hunting and Spearfishing!

About the Book

  • 8-1/2" x 11" Hardcover Book

    2020 Edition

    This new 20 chapter, 224 page edition published by BlueWater Freedivers, is filled with new stories and World-record Rules!

  • Linked Videos

    30 videos supplement this book

    Many of the chapters are enhanced with videos illustrating the topic at hand. Simply scan the QR code to view them.

  • About the author

    Dr. Terry Maas is a veteran freediver and world record holder. He started diving when he was 14 years old and has been freediving steadily for the last 58 years. One of his most memorable events was the landing of his 398-pound bluefin tuna. [more]

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"As a young man starting out spearfishing, I discovered Blue Water Hunting and Freediving by Terry Maas. As I read over the pages of that book, I learned how to build my own gear and I learned to read the fish and the underwater environment as Terry explained in those pages. Terry’s book helped me and my friends take a giant leap forward in our understanding of our ocean environment and hunting abilities. His new edition is even better than the first. Terry has spent a lifetime observing the ocean environment around the globe, and perfecting his diving and hunting techniques. There is also advice from some of the best divers in the world today in word, pictures and amazing video. You access the video using the 30 QR codes embedded. You would need to spend 10 lifetimes diving around the world to acquire all the knowledge in these pages. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner, this book will have much to teach you"

- Joe Burke, New Zealand, Commercial abalone diver and spearfishing guide.

"Super excited on the latest reprint of the Blue Water Hunting book by Terry Maas. A book that every waterman and spearfisherman must have. After all it is known as the Bible of Spearfishing. Luckily to us Terry have gone above and beyond to bring us this version. The latest print is going to offer high res photography (Which will make us feel even more into the moment) and all the updates. Thank you very much Terry for all your contribution to the sport. I can’t wait to get my hands on it"

- Richard Balta

"For years I’ve been recommending and loaning my first edition of the book to friends because it remains the best single reference on Spearfishing techniques, equipment and safety. The digital version brought it up to date and included great videos illustrating things discussed in the preceding paragraphs, but I’ve always thought it would be great to have an updated print version for the coffee table. I’m glad to hear that it’s available now."

- Bill McIntyre